At the moment the team is just me. Of course, there are already a lot of supporters and helpers out there. And soon, there will be more people joining this ride.

  • Marcel Ritter

    Founder & CEO

    At Quo, I play a multitude of roles: Head of Product, Lead Developer, Design Extraordinaire, Sales Dynamo, Finance Prodigy, Customer Care Aficionado, Content Guru, and Promotion & Awareness Whiz (phew!). My mission is to build a platform that's not just about maps but about creating memorable journeys. Whether you're exploring for free or diving into our subscription perks, Quo is here to make your adventures seamless, exciting, and filled with wanderlust. Let's explore the world together! 🌍✨ Almost forgot to mention: I travel a lot. Solo, with friends, and most excitingly with my family (wife and three kids). So, yeah, I'm my first customer.